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Dr. Danny Willey


Danny Willey's path into physical therapy is deeply intertwined with his lifelong involvement in sports, particularly his experience in collegiate ice hockey at Lebanon Valley College. This background laid the foundation for his desire to work closely with athletes, aiding in their recovery and return to the sports they love. His commitment extends beyond the clinic, as he also dedicates his time as an assistant coach for the men's ice hockey team at Lebanon Valley College, further blending his professional and personal passions.

Danny's educational journey is anchored at Lebanon Valley College, where he completed both his undergraduate degree in Health Science and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. His commitment to professional growth is evident in his pursuit of additional certifications, becoming a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) and earning a certification through the Titleist Performance Institute. This ongoing clinical education underscores his dedication to excellence in his field.

In terms of clinical experience, Danny boasts a comprehensive background. He has dealt with a wide range of clinical diagnoses and injuries, encompassing both surgical and non-surgical cases. His patient demographic is diverse, spanning from young athletes to active older adults, and he has had the unique opportunity to work with professional athletes, showcasing his high level of expertise.

Danny’s areas of expertise are broad yet specialized, including managing neck and back pain, knee injuries (specifically rehabilitation from ACL reconstruction), shoulder and hip injuries, and working with baseball/softball players, ice hockey players, and golfers. His skill set is tailored to meet the needs of various athletes, reflecting his deep understanding of sports-related injuries and rehabilitation.

Notably, during his college years, Danny was involved in a significant pilot study examining the effects of rock climbing on adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). His contribution to this study, which has been published in multiple journals, highlights his involvement in groundbreaking research and his commitment to expanding the scope of physical therapy to diverse populations.

Overall, Danny Willey represents the epitome of a sports-focused physical therapist, combining his passion for athletics with a robust educational background and a wide array of clinical experiences. His journey from a collegiate athlete to a multifaceted physical therapist and coach demonstrates his dedication to the field and his desire to impact the lives of athletes at all levels.