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True Sports is in the business of developing strong, powerful athletes from junior league to professional. We are constantly seeking new perspectives and types of experience to add to our staff in order to offer our clients access to the best strength coaching and fitness training possible.

We seek out educated, experienced professionals who can teach our athletes injury prevention while guiding them along their fitness journey towards achieving their personal goals and becoming well-rounded athletes.

Current Postings

True Sports is currently hiring qualified individuals to grow our team. If you are interested in helping develop athletes and joining a positive community built on respect, mutual encouragement, and teamwork, send an application today.

Sports Physical Therapist

True Sports is looking for a Physical Therapist who has a passion to treat elite athletes.
Doctorate of Physical Therapy with a background in sports or strength and conditioning.

True Values

At True Sports, we adhere to a strong code of values that enable us to provide supportive, successful fitness training and help our clients achieve their goals.

We prioritize optimism and positivity in our fitness coaching, and we emphasize the same values in our company culture.

It is important to us that our trainers, therapists, and other staff feel just as welcomed and accepted as our clients do.

We strive to create an environment centered around positive reinforcement and empowerment, which enables everyone to perform at their best.

We are always seeking to grow our staff into stronger, more skilled coaches and leaders. Let us help you transform your job into a career full of potential and mobility while helping others become the best versions of themselves they can be.


At True Sports, we value our employees as part of our community. We offer competitive wages and benefits, including health insurance, dental insurance, and 401K reimbursement.

Please contact us if you want to learn more about the specific benefits we provide.
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