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Dr. Sydney Cope

PT, DPT, Cert DN

Sydney Cope's decision to pursue a career in physical therapy was solidified through a personal and transformative experience. During her college years, Sydney faced the challenge of an unsuccessful hip surgery, which brought her close to giving up a sport she dearly loved. However, the turning point came with her own journey through physical therapy. The successful rehabilitation and return to the field after a year of dedicated physical therapy not only renewed her love for the sport but also instilled a profound appreciation for the physical therapy profession. This experience crystallized her decision to become a part of this life-changing field.

Sydney's academic credentials are impressive, with a Doctorate from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Her commitment to continuous professional development is evident in her additional certifications and courses. She is dry needling certified and has taken several Continuing Education Units (CEU) courses focused on running injuries. These include strength training for runners, risk reduction for runners, and gait analysis for runners. Furthermore, her expertise extends to being a concussion certified therapist through ImPACT, showcasing her diverse skill set in sports physical therapy.

Professionally, Sydney is relatively early in her career, currently in her third year as a physical therapist. She began her career as a sports physical therapist in Wisconsin, where she spent two years before moving back to Maryland. She continues her professional journey with True Sports, bringing her expertise and personal experience to benefit her patients.

Sydney's area of focus reflects her personal sports background and interest. She specializes in working with athletes involved in lacrosse, various field sports, and particularly with runners. This specialization not only demonstrates her clinical expertise but also her personal connection and understanding of athletes' needs and challenges.

Sydney Cope's journey into physical therapy, marked by personal challenges and triumphs, positions her as a compassionate and dedicated professional. Her experience as a patient turned therapist provides her with unique insights into the rehabilitation process, making her a relatable and effective practitioner, especially for athletes facing similar challenges.