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Dr. Anne Lehr


Anne Lehr's journey into physical therapy is deeply intertwined with her experiences as a collegiate basketball player. Her personal encounters with several ankle injuries during her athletic career not only exposed her to the vital role of physical therapy in recovery but also sparked a strong interest in the field. These experiences highlighted the importance and benefits of physical therapy, ultimately guiding her toward a career in this profession.

Anne pursued her academic goals at Lebanon Valley College, where she completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. This educational background provided her with a comprehensive understanding of physical therapy principles and practices, preparing her for a successful career in the field.

Since May of 2021, Anne has been a part of the team at True Sports. Her time at this facility has allowed her to apply her knowledge and skills in a practical setting, gaining valuable experience in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Anne's passion lies in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention. She is committed to treating and educating athletes of all ages, helping them stay healthy and recover from injuries to return to the sports they love. This dedication reflects her understanding of the unique needs and challenges athletes face, particularly in high-intensity sports like basketball

As a member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and its Maryland chapter, Anne stays current with evidence-based practices in physical therapy. This commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that she provides the best care to her patients, keeping abreast of the latest advancements and techniques in the field.

Anne Lehr's career as a physical therapist, influenced by her background as a collegiate athlete and her experiences with sports injuries, highlights her dedication to helping athletes overcome injuries and enhance their performance. Her combination of personal experience, academic achievement, and professional practice in sports rehabilitation makes her a knowledgeable and empathetic practitioner in the field of sports physical therapy.