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Dr. Austin Colish


Dr. Austin Colish's career in physical therapy is driven by a profound passion for assisting athletes, particularly those recovering from knee injuries, Achilles issues, and low back pain, which are common in rotational sports like lacrosse. His dedication to helping athletes return to their peak performance is a central theme in his professional journey.

Austin's educational background is comprehensive and multifaceted. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Physiology from DeSales University in 2017, with minors in Psychology, Biology, and Biomechanics. He then pursued and completed his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rutgers University in 2020. His commitment to his field is further evidenced by his certifications, including being a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), a Functional Range Conditioning Certified Coach, and Dry Needling Certified. Additionally, he has applied his skills and knowledge in a practical setting as a lacrosse coach at the Boys' Latin School of Maryland.

Professionally, Dr. Colish has an impressive record of working with various lacrosse teams at both the national and international levels. He is the Head Physical Therapist for the Portuguese National Lacrosse Team and has previous experience with the AU Pro Women's Lacrosse league in 2021, the Canadian National Men's Lacrosse Team in 2021, and the Mexico National Women's Lacrosse Team in 2022. His expertise is not limited to lacrosse, as he has extensive experience working with elite-level high school athletes, as well as collegiate athletes across Division III, II, and I, and professional athletes in major leagues like the NFL, MLB, NBA, and PLL.

Dr. Colish's areas of expertise are extensive and include strength and conditioning, post-operative ACL rehab, prehab (surgery preparation), injury prevention, post-operative Achilles care, post-operative hip care, low back pain management, and care for soft tissue injuries such as hamstring and adductor strains. He is also skilled in return-to-sport testing, movement analysis, physical rehabilitation of athletes with Type One Diabetes, dry needling, cupping, manual techniques, and spinal joint manipulation.

In addition to his professional accolades, Austin's personal experience as an athlete enriches his understanding of sports-related injuries and rehabilitation. He played NCAA DIII Lacrosse for four years at DeSales University and three years in NCLL DI Club at Rutgers University. Furthermore, he is a 2x NABLL National Champion with the Westminster Wild Box Lacrosse Club.

Dr. Austin Colish's journey in physical therapy, marked by extensive education, diverse certifications, and rich professional experiences, positions him as a highly skilled and dedicated practitioner with a deep understanding of athletes' needs, both from a professional and personal perspective.