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Dr. Katie Ballew


Katie Ballew's path to becoming a physical therapist was significantly influenced by her personal experiences as a field hockey player throughout high school and college. Dealing with her own sports injuries was a pivotal factor that sparked her interest in working with athletes. This experience not only provided her with firsthand insight into the challenges of sports injuries but also ignited her passion for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and assisting athletes in their return to sport.

Katie pursued her academic goals at High Point University, where she completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. This educational background laid a strong foundation for her career, equipping her with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of physical therapy.

During her time at High Point University, Katie had the valuable opportunity to engage in ACL research. This experience allowed her to delve deeper into the intricacies of sports injuries, particularly ACL injuries, which are common and significant among athletes. Her involvement in this research was notable, as she presented her findings at both state and national conferences. Her focus on the use of wearable technology and the effectiveness of late-stage rehabilitation mimicking sport demands highlights her commitment to innovative and evidence-based approaches in physical therapy.

Katie's areas of expertise include ACL injury rehabilitation and working with field sport athletes, particularly those involved in field hockey. Her background as a field hockey player gives her a unique perspective and understanding of the physical demands and injury risks associated with field sports. This personal experience, combined with her professional expertise, enables her to develop effective rehabilitation strategies tailored specifically to the needs of field sport athletes.

Katie Ballew's journey from a field hockey player to a specialized physical therapist showcases her dedication to the field. Her combination of personal experience, academic achievement, and professional focus on ACL injury and field sports rehabilitation positions her as a knowledgeable and empathetic practitioner, particularly adept at addressing the needs of athletes in her field of specialization.