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Dr. Lauryn Lloyd


Lauryn Lloyd's passion for physical therapy is deeply influenced by her lifelong engagement with sports. Her desire to assist athletes in healing from their injuries and returning to their sports stronger and faster led her to discover her calling in sports physical therapy. This personal connection to sports and athlete rehabilitation has been a driving factor in her professional path.

Lauryn completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Saint Francis University. Her time there equipped her with the essential skills and knowledge to excel as a physical therapist, laying a strong foundation for her career in this field. The education she received at Saint Francis University was instrumental in shaping her into a competent and compassionate physical therapist.

Despite being a recent graduate, Lauryn is committed to providing high-quality care to her patients. She understands the importance of individualized treatment and strives to ensure that each patient has a voice in their care. Her approach is centered around strengthening patients both physically and mentally, preparing them to return to all levels of activity, whether it's in daily life or competitive sports.

As a new graduate, Lauryn is currently in the early stages of her career in sports physical therapy and is yet to specialize in a specific niche. Her recent graduation in May signifies the beginning of her journey in the field. However, her dedication to learning and providing exceptional care to her patients positions her well for a successful career in sports physical therapy.

Lauryn's enthusiasm for sports physical therapy, combined with her commitment to patient-centered care and ongoing professional development, makes her a promising practitioner in the field. Her approach, focused on understanding and addressing the unique needs of each athlete, reflects her dedication to helping individuals achieve their rehabilitation goals and return to their desired levels of physical activity.