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Dr. Madison Gillen


Madison Gillen's path into the realm of physical therapy is intricately linked to her personal experiences as a tri-sport athlete in basketball, softball, and soccer. Her journey took a turn when she experienced injuries during her collegiate basketball career. This led to a pivot towards focusing on rehabilitating her own injuries through physical therapy. This personal experience sparked a strong passion in Madison for helping others recover and strengthen following their injuries, driving her toward a career in physical therapy.

Madison's academic credentials are solid, with both a Bachelor of Science and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Lebanon Valley College. Her educational background provided her with a strong foundation in the principles and practices of physical therapy, preparing her for a diverse and impactful career in the field.

In terms of professional experience, Madison has a varied and comprehensive background. She has worked in several different settings, including a professional baseball team, three outpatient orthopedic/manual therapy-focused clinics, and an acute care setting. This breadth of experience has equipped her with a wide-ranging skill set and deep understanding of various aspects of physical therapy.

Madison's niche lies in sports physical therapy and manual therapy. Her keen interest in treating upper extremity injuries was significantly influenced by her time working closely with MLB professionals. Additionally, her background as a multi-sport athlete allows her to relate closely to field and court athletes, offering a unique perspective and understanding of their specific rehabilitation needs.

One of Madison's notable professional achievements includes the publication of an article on clinical research focusing on patellar tendinopathy syndrome and eccentric exercise. This contribution to academic research demonstrates her commitment to advancing the field of physical therapy and sharing valuable insights gained from her clinical experiences.

Madison Gillen's career in physical therapy, shaped by her own experiences as an athlete and her diverse clinical background, positions her as a dedicated and empathetic practitioner. Her journey from an athlete managing injuries to a skilled physical therapist highlights her deep commitment to helping others overcome their physical challenges and achieve their full potential.