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Dr. Rachel Knobel


Rachel Knobel's path to becoming a physical therapist was significantly influenced by her active participation in various sports, including tennis, martial arts, and soccer, during her formative years. These athletic endeavors fostered a deep interest in understanding human movement, not just in terms of injury prevention and recovery, but also from a performance optimization perspective. This holistic view of physical therapy, rooted in her own sports experiences, has shaped her approach to patient care.

Rachel's academic journey in the field of physical therapy is marked by significant achievements. She obtained her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the prestigious University of Delaware, a well-known institution for its contributions to the field. Her commitment to specializing in sports physical therapy led her to complete a post-graduate sports residency program at the same university, further enhancing her skills and knowledge in this area.

In her three years of clinical practice, Rachel has developed a particular fondness for working with athletes of all skill levels and ages. Her expertise is not limited to a specific sport or age group, demonstrating her versatility as a physical therapist and her ability to adapt her approach to meet the unique needs of each athlete she works with.

Rachel has specialized in post-operative rehabilitation, particularly focusing on the knee, ankle, and shoulder. Her expertise in these areas is crucial for athletes recovering from surgeries, as she helps them regain strength, functionality, and confidence to return to their respective sports.

Beyond her clinical work, Rachel is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and its Sports Section, indicating her involvement and commitment to the broader professional community. Additionally, during her time at the University of Delaware, she was involved in ACL rehabilitation research with Dr. Lynn Snyder-Mackler's lab. This involvement in research highlights her interest in evidence-based practice and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in sports rehabilitation.

Rachel Knobel's career as a physical therapist, enriched by her personal sports background and specialized training, positions her as a dedicated and knowledgeable practitioner. Her journey from a multi-sport athlete to a skilled physical therapist in sports rehabilitation reflects her passion for understanding human movement and her commitment to helping athletes achieve their optimal performance post-injury.