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Dr. Tim Ervey


Dr. Tim Ervey's passion for physical therapy is deeply rooted in his extensive background in sports. From a young age, he was actively involved in various athletic pursuits, playing football from 2nd grade through his final year of graduate school at Lebanon Valley College (LVC), where he served as a two-year captain of the football team. Additionally, he played competitive club soccer throughout middle and high school and participated in basketball, wrestling, and lacrosse during high school, where he was also a captain of the lacrosse team in his senior year.

Dr. Ervey's personal journey with injuries as a student-athlete fueled his interest in physical therapy. After sustaining a SLAP tear in his shoulder from a wrestling injury in high school, he underwent surgery and extensive physical therapy. The compassion and dedication shown by his physical therapist during his recovery inspired him to pursue a career where he could provide the same level of care and support to his future patients.

Dr. Ervey's academic achievements are noteworthy. He completed the 3+3 accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy program at LVC in just five years, leveraging high school credits and overloading his coursework during his undergraduate studies. He also earned his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), which he utilizes to optimize exercise progressions for his patients.

Professionally, Dr. Ervey has gained valuable experience working at True Sports, where he has seen numerous ACL injuries at various stages of rehabilitation and has developed a particular interest in this area. His expertise extends to treating overhead athletes, particularly baseball players, due to True Sports Lebanon's affiliation with Champ's Training Facility, a center specializing in baseball training.

Dr. Ervey is committed to advancing his knowledge and skills through continuing education. He plans to obtain certification in dry needling, explore vestibular rehabilitation, and pursue various courses to enhance his ability to treat athletes recovering from ACL surgeries.

Dr. Tim Ervey's career in physical therapy is characterized by a blend of personal experience and professional dedication. His journey from a multi-sport athlete dealing with injuries to a compassionate and skilled physical therapist highlights his commitment to helping others achieve their full potential and return to their athletic pursuits with confidence and strength.