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Dr. Erika Brager


Erika Brager's passion for physical therapy took root in her childhood in Baltimore, fostered by her active involvement in various sports including lacrosse, soccer, swimming, and basketball. Her journey into the world of physical therapy began in middle school, following her own experiences with sports-related injuries and subsequent physical therapy. This early exposure not only provided her with a patient's perspective on physical therapy but also ignited her interest in pursuing it as a career. Her continued involvement in sports, including playing lacrosse at Jacksonville University in college, further solidified her interest in the field.

Erika's academic journey led her to the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where she completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). She then enhanced her expertise by undertaking a Sports Residency with Houston Methodist Sports and Orthopedics, a program known for its rigorous training and comprehensive approach to sports physical therapy.

During her sports residency, Erika had the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of patients, ranging from high school and college athletes to professional sportspeople. This experience allowed her to gain extensive hands-on experience in treating a variety of sports-related injuries and conditions. Additionally, her involvement in research and over 600 hours of on-field sports coverage provided her with invaluable practical skills and knowledge in sports physical therapy.

Erika's areas of specialization include treating injuries related to shoulders and knees, with a particular focus on post-operative ACL rehabilitation. Her expertise in these areas is crucial for athletes recovering from surgeries, as she helps them regain strength, functionality, and confidence to return to their respective sports.

Erika has also contributed to the field of physical therapy through research, having published a study on Electromyography (EMG) Analysis of Multi-Regional Lower Extremity and Trunk Musculature During Sidelying Hip Abduction With Frontal Plane Stabilization. This research highlights her commitment to evidence-based practice and advancing knowledge in physical therapy.

Erika Brager's career in physical therapy, influenced by her own experiences as an athlete and her comprehensive training, showcases her dedication to helping athletes overcome injuries and enhance their performance. Her journey from a sports enthusiast to a specialized physical therapist exemplifies her passion for sports rehabilitation and her commitment to the field.