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Dr. Mary Miller


Mary Miller's journey into the world of physical therapy began with a personal experience that left a lasting impression. Witnessing her grandfather relearn to walk under physical therapy's guidance ignited a desire in her to not only teach people to walk but also to run. This defining moment set the course for her dedicated career in physical therapy.

Mary's educational background is rooted in Northeastern University, where she pursued an extensive and focused academic journey. She completed her Bachelor's in Rehabilitation Science, followed by a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, and culminated her studies with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. This solid educational foundation has been instrumental in her over 20 years of experience in outpatient orthopedics.

With a specialization that spans over a decade, Mary has become an expert in Running Gait Analysis and the treatment of injured runners. Her proficiency in this niche is certified, marking her as a Certified Running Gait Analyst. This specialization reflects her initial inspiration and showcases her commitment to helping individuals not just walk, but run optimally.

Beyond her clinical expertise, Mary has made significant contributions to the broader physical therapy community. She currently serves as the Chair of the Maryland Physical Therapy PAC, highlighting her leadership and commitment to the profession. Her insights and knowledge have been shared on larger stages, such as being a presenter at the 2021 Annual Academy of Sports Physical Therapy Conference. Furthermore, Mary's passion for education and sharing knowledge is evident in her role as a co-founder and educator with Finish Line Seminars.

Mary Miller stands as a distinguished figure in the field of physical therapy, combining a deep-seated personal motivation with extensive education, specialized expertise, and a commitment to community leadership. Her career is a testament to the impact that a profound personal experience can have on professional direction and success.