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Dr. Sean Bur


Sean Bur's transition from patient to therapist in the field of physical therapy was largely motivated by his personal history with sports injuries and chronic pain. His experiences as a patient dealing with these challenges inspired him to pursue a career where he could use his insights and understanding to help others facing similar issues. This personal connection to the challenges of recovery and rehabilitation has played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to physical therapy.

Sean obtained his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, a well-respected institution known for its rigorous physical therapy program. This educational foundation provided him with a deep understanding of the principles of physical therapy and equipped him with the skills needed to excel in his profession.

In his professional journey, Sean has amassed a diverse range of experiences. He has previously served as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Maryland Rugby Club, bringing his expertise in physical conditioning and injury prevention to the team. Additionally, his role as a consultant for the Loyola University of Maryland Golf Team highlights his ability to apply his knowledge in various athletic contexts, addressing the specific needs of different sports.

Sean has developed a specialty in Dry Needling, a technique often used for pain management and treatment of muscle tension, which complements his skills in physical therapy. Furthermore, his focus on Golf Performance and Rehabilitation showcases his expertise in working with golfers, helping them improve their game while managing and preventing injuries. This specialization not only reflects his professional skills but also his ability to cater to the specific needs of athletes in a sport that demands a unique combination of strength, flexibility, and precision.

Sean Bur's career in physical therapy, driven by his own experiences with sports injuries and chronic pain, demonstrates his commitment to helping others overcome similar challenges. His journey from patient to skilled therapist, combined with his specialized knowledge in Dry Needling and golf rehabilitation, positions him as a dedicated and empathetic professional in the field of sports physical therapy.