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Dr. Zach Adams


Zach Adams' entry into the field of physical therapy was significantly influenced by his experiences as a Division III football player at Lebanon Valley College (LVC), where he not only served as a team captain but also extended his involvement as a graduate assistant coach. His personal journey through various sports-related injuries and the subsequent rehabilitation process was a pivotal factor that opened his eyes to the world of sports physical therapy, ultimately fueling his passion to pursue a career in this profession.

Zach's academic achievements include a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science, obtained in 2019, and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, completed in 2021, both from Lebanon Valley College. This educational background provided him with a solid foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of physical therapy, particularly as it applies to sports.

In the two years since beginning his professional career, Zach has gained extensive experience in aiding the rehabilitation of athletes across a wide spectrum. His clientele has ranged from middle school and high school athletes to active adults and professional sportspeople, demonstrating his ability to adapt his therapeutic approach to various levels of physical demand and skill. His experience comes from working in four different True Sports clinics in the greater Baltimore area, allowing him to encounter a diverse range of cases and conditions.

Zach has also pursued additional coursework to enhance his skills and knowledge. This includes specialized training in dry needling, weight-lifting, injury prevention, performance enhancement, and concussion management. These additional qualifications highlight his commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of the latest developments in physical therapy.

His areas of expertise include managing ACL injuries and ankle sprains, which are common but significant issues in the athletic population. Additionally, Zach is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), indicating his engagement with the broader professional community and his commitment to the standards and advancement of the physical therapy field.

Zach Adams' journey from a college football player and coach to a dedicated physical therapist is marked by a deep understanding of the athlete's perspective, a robust educational background, and a growing professional experience in sports physical therapy. His passion for the field, fueled by his own experiences and enhanced by his continuous pursuit of knowledge, positions him as a capable and compassionate practitioner in sports rehabilitation.