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Dr. Zach Kushner


Zach Kushner's career in physical therapy is deeply influenced by his lifelong involvement in sports, including soccer, track, and swimming. His personal experiences with sports and understanding his own body and injuries ignited his interest in physical therapy. This interest was further nurtured during his undergraduate studies in exercise science at Ohio State University, where he developed a strong desire to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Zach completed his academic journey with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Ohio State University, followed by a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Ohio University. This educational pathway provided him with a comprehensive understanding of physical therapy, particularly as it applies to athletic populations.

Currently, in his third year at True Sports Physical Therapy, Zach has had the opportunity to apply his knowledge and skills to help athletes and active adults in the community return to the sports and activities they love. His work at True Sports underscores his dedication to aiding individuals in their rehabilitation journey and helping them achieve their athletic and physical goals.

In addition to his work at True Sports, Zach also contributes to the athletic community by assisting with the Dunbar High School indoor/outdoor track and field teams and their cross-country team. This involvement demonstrates his commitment to supporting young athletes in their sports endeavors and his ability to work with individuals across various athletic disciplines.

Zach's areas of expertise include working with individuals involved in soccer and running, covering both sprinting and long-distance. His background in these sports provides him with unique insights into the specific demands and challenges faced by athletes in these disciplines, enabling him to tailor rehabilitation and conditioning programs to meet their individual needs effectively.

As a physical therapist, Zach Kushner combines his passion for sports, his academic background in exercise science and physical therapy, and his practical experience to deliver comprehensive care to athletes and active individuals. His dedication to helping others return to their desired levels of activity and his hands-on approach to rehabilitation make him a valuable asset in the field of sports physical therapy.